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Andrew P. Grau
P: (215) 661-0400
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Christina Organtini

Meet The Team

Andrew counsels business owners with advice and action through their “make it or break it” events, and has answers to their important questions. He routinely helps business owners negotiate, document and close the following types of transactions:

  • Acquisition of or merger with another business
  • Sale of the business or all of the business’ assets
  • Reorganization of the business’ structure
  • Succession plan to transition ownership and authority of the business
  • Separation of an owner from the business
  • Admission of new owners to the business
  • Executive compensation arrangements

Every business should have an agreement in place among the owners. Often referred to as a “Buy-Sell Agreement”, this document defines the relationship of the owners with each other. A documented procedure should exist to address what happens if an owner dies, becomes disabled, stops working for the company, experiences serious creditor problems, or wants to sell to another party or be bought out. Andrew knows what issues to discuss with business owners, and is adept at drafting a Buy-Sell Agreement custom fit to the needs of the business and its owners.

Andrew has vast experience with various types of businesses, and can draft contracts to suit any situation. He frequently works with operating businesses, passive investment businesses, medical professional practices and manufacturers. Working with a wide range of businesses allows him to be flexible when a unique client need or question arises. Andrew is experienced with non-profit entities. He guides non-profits through the maze of obtaining IRS tax-exempt approval, and advises the officers on best practices for operating the non-profit organization.

Andrew also helps clients form businesses. He counsels entrepreneurs through the initial stages, discussing which form of entity to choose, the protective documents to have in place, and how new business owners should conduct operations from a legal standpoint.

In addition to his expertise in business law, Andrew’s practice encompasses Estate Planning, Asset Protection Planning and Tax Planning. Key business-related events often have consequences in these realms. It is important to have a counselor who understands what those consequences are, and knows how to develop a global plan that addresses all possible consequences and concerns. Andrew’s broad range of expertise enables him to spot issues and provide superior advice.